6 Tips On Promoting Your Law Office

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Social networking marketing is an excellent way to grow the digital footprint for your law office. In the last several years, a whole new world has opened as far as targeted online advertising for law firms large and small. Facebook is a medium for generation although TV and radio seem to get saturated in lawyer advertisements commercials.

Facebook offers a fundamental marketing hub and also a fantastic way to connect with your audience while cultivating brand awareness for your company. If you’re not on Facebook, your competitors are, and you also do not want to let them beat you.

The legal sector is one of the most competitive businesses in the digital marketing arena. If you’re not setting up your campaigns properly, you can burn through cash in a hurry. We picked the brains of the marketing experts at law companies such as Marc S. Albert and Pegalis & Erickson and also spoke with 11 other Facebook advertising experts. They’ve provided a glimpse in their strategies to assist you help save money and generate leads.

1. Charitable Giveaways

“We utilize Facebook giveaways to boost brand recognition and favorability to our personal injury clients. Our customers give a free, high quality children’s car seat to somebody who enjoys their webpage and is located in their region every month. The program increases goodwill and promotes safety.”

M. Cagle of Clicks and Clients

2. Facebook Groups are Fantastic for Referrals

“Joining Facebook groups that are specific to your market, location, or area of practice can be a terrific support system whenever you have questions. Attorney members swap referrals in these classes. Being a participant in the conversation can earn referral and family resources on Facebook. When there’s absolutely no group for your particular area, start one!”

J. Muir of J. Muir & Associates, P.A.

3. A Glimpse into Office Culture

“As Facebook makes the change towards a more tropical social space, attorneys ought to be producing and sharing content which exhibits their daily life in and out of their workplace, in addition to informational content associated with their core practice areas. One means is by highlighting their own participation in the community to call attention to the practice’s corporate social responsibility, or by sharing something as straightforward as a photo of the staff out to lunch to appeal to an individual’s self-image. The major idea here is to discuss personable content that users can relate with, and therefore will participate with.”

S. Doyle of Page 1 Solutions, LLC

4. Facebook Lookalike Audiences

“The trick to a successful Facebook ad campaign isn’t what most people think that it is. The key differentiator revolves around audience targeting, so that you only serve ads to your prospects’ procedure. The key here is by using audiences, that are a Facebook algorithm that identifies others whose interests and profiles are similar to those of your clients. To execute lookalike audiences, only import email data from your CRM, and in under 3 minutes you’ll be running profitable Facebook advertising campaigns.”

JD Parkman of Marketing Media Wizard

5. Branded Hashtags and Imagery

“Produce’article channels’ and brand them with a firm-related hashtag and picture that includes your company logo/branding. Every time you post content for that’channel’ comprise the hashtag and image. For example, you might post #RayRecalls to alert your users of current recalls, or each Tuesday article #TortsTuesday. The key is to be consistent with picture and the hashtag. The technique helps followers connect your brand with specific topics (torts, recalls, etc.).”

A. Gagliardi of Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Prather & Littky-Rubin

6. Lurking before Working

“Know that the medium. Spend some time”lurking” about the societal websites you’re considering before you dive in and start posting. It is important to understand the key use of the demographics, this websites, the tone and personality. You also don’t wish to encounter as overly sales-y while you want to portray your professionalism. Like the person in the cocktail party just talking about your business and your livelihood, you don’t want to be. Social media is at first social and it can also be used for business so that this is a place to let your personality shine through and interact with folks.”

S. O’Mara of Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C.

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