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As businesses enter the post-pandemic future of hybrid work, Apple is preparing for the future of hybrid… friendship. The company’s latest FaceTime update lets users schedule calls, send out meeting links, screen-share, and view all callers in one grid. It also includes spatial audio, which makes it sound like people’s voices are coming from different directions depending on where they are on the screen.

Although the update replicates features familiar to users of Zoom and Google Meets, Apple is positioning FaceTime as mainly a social tool. Clips at the company’s annual developers conference showed friends using FaceTime to listen to an album together, stage a virtual movie night, share tips on how to beat a video game, or browse apartment listings with future roommates. “FaceTime is how we catch up with friends around the world,” Apple’s software engineering VP said at the event, “and how we stay close to family members when we’re apart.”

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