Small agencies say remote work isn’t slowing them down

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Agencies that are small are feeling doubtful about the as they express confidence in their teams’ capacity to operate.

That’s based on a survey of 250 predominantly small bureaus (fewer than 30 employees) across the planet between Wednesday, Mar. 18 and Tuesday, Mar. 24. It was conducted by Advertisement Planet Masters, a platform which matches services and customers.

More than 90% of those working at agencies in North America and Europe worked remotely. When asked how ready they were to operate remotely on a scale of one to 10 with one being”not ready” and 10 being”totally ready,” the average answer was 8.5. More than 40% replied with a 10.

Remote Work Challenges for Agencies

Just over a third (34.2%) stated that the communication and teamwork has been one of the main challenges of remote working, with special mention that in-progress communication is simpler and more spontaneous in person.

Productivity followed closely by 33.8% stating it is a concern with families home and teams not being accustomed to collaboration applications.

Technical concerns such as network access, VPN issues and large file sharing have been reported by 23.4% of respondents.

Interestingly, maintaining team morale — and company culture — has been cited as a concern with only 12.6percent of respondents. Less than 10% stated because client communication isn’t conducted on site communicating with clients is a challenge of working remotely.

Agency leaders were then asked by the survey on budgets and the jobs to their existing customers about the influence.

Expected Effect on primary client services

More than 30% anticipate their companies will be impacted by client changes. Roughly 45% of budget and job changes are predicted to have a negative impact on agency businesses. Normally, project or budget cancellations are expected by 14%.

On the new business front, bureaus anticipate new prospect inquiries to fall by 30% in the forthcoming months.

Not all bad

It must be noted that upheaval isn’t being anticipated by over 20% of respondents for their companies during this time. And while the near-term looks bleak for many bureau leaders, there have been notes that surfaced within this survey. Most expect the market to bounce back in a year and others noted this is”an chance for real electronic transformation.”

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