SEC football coaches reportedly frustrated with cross-divisional games

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Things are heating up in the SEC as reports emerged that football coaches are not pleased with the way the conference has handled program changes .

Tensions erupted when coaches lashed out during a call over their explanation of how the two cross-divisional games were picked, ESPN reported.

The conference announced in late July that it would move to a 10-game schedule that eliminates all non-conference opponents for the fall season, which is set to begin Sept. 26. Last week, the two games were announced by officials, although they didn’t say those opponents were picked.

Sources told ESPN that several coaches were angry with the lack of specifics, saying the process could be viewed as”corrupt.” 1 coach alleged”favoritism was played.”

“There just was not a lot of transparency and clarity on how they arrived where they did on the two extra games, which rubbed lots of folks the wrong way. … The call got pretty crazy. It would have been a good piece of reality TV,” one trainer told ESPN.

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