Our Team

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April Crowe

Chief Editor

April Crowe is the Chief Editor of Free Press Engine. She and her husband spend their time in Michigan and Chicago. She enjoys regular yoga sessions and is an avid player of Candy Crush like games.


Brian Jenkins

Assistant Editor

Brian is the the Assistant Editor of Free Press Engine. He is the primary contributor to our finance section. He's a native of Columbus, OH and lives with his wife, two kids and two dogs.


Jacob Hogan

Staff Writer

Jacob was one of the first staff writer hires at Free Press Engine. He's the primary contributor to the tech section of the website. Jacob enjoys World of Warcraft (Classic!) and enjoys woodworking and DIY when not writing.


Kay Whiting

Staff Writer

Kay is a staff writer and regular contributor to the legal section of Free Press Engine. She enjoys High Intensity Interval Training and half marathons. She loves cooking and enjoys spending time with her two cats.


Richard Lowe

Staff Writer

Richard is our latest hire at Free Press Engine and contributes to the Real Estate section of the website. He's a native of Indianapolis but frequently visits Chicago with his family. He enjoys grilling outdoors when the weather is appropriate and is an avid eater of BBQ.