New Version (Free) of Google Shopping Rolling Out

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Google’s new free version of Google Shopping is now rolling out. A Google spokesperson has confirmed that this has started to roll out. This doesn’t imply it’s fully rolled out and all U.S. searchers will notice it instantly, but by early next week, all U.S. searchers should see it.

What it resembles. A number of you may see it now, where the lower half of the Google Shopping outcomes are free. Here’s a screenshot from Glenn Gabe on Twitter.

More. To find out more about this change, visit our first story over here.

Why we care. As we mentioned in our original story, opening up this attribute to all merchants will enhance Google’s offering and its appeal to both consumers and sellers. And according to Amazon, retailers that want to guarantee visibility due to greater competition with goods eligible to reveal, in the search results, will continue to cover advertisements. For SEOs and e-commerce entrepreneurs, the transfer adds merchandise search efforts and a new layer.

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