How to help your pet cope with separation anxiety — India

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Prakhar Kapoor adopted his first dog back in June, when India began to ease its three-month nationwide lockdown. He named it Marcus,⁠ after his favorite character in the video game Gears of War.

Kapoor, a 29-year-old engineering professional who lives in Punjab’s Ludhiana, decided to get a dog to battle the loneliness he felt during the lockdown. But now that companies are slowly bringing employees back into offices, Kapoor is worried about how his two-year-old Labrador will fare without him.

“I have to join the office from Feb. 1, but I am really worried about how Marcus will react to it. He has become so used to my presence and starts crying even if I go out of his sight for 15 minutes,” said an upset Kapoor. “I don’t know what will happen when I’ll be gone for at least nine hours.”

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