Google’s new Shopping ad test is an interesting one

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Google is conducting a Shopping advertisements test that is intriguing.

PLA + Text. The people at SEMrush spotted this Shopping ad test Thursday. In the screenshot below, the product list ad (PLA) for Body Candy Body Jewelry is accompanied by a text block under it using a blue connected headline and description (more about the copy at a little ).

As SEMrush notes, the individual is unlikely to understand it is not a natural listing, although the text remains in the Ads card.

Where does the text come from? This is actually a twist on a Showcase Shopping ad format.

If you search for”earrings for gauged ears” you will see Showcase Shopping ads rather than the conventional Shopping advertising above. It turns out Google is pulling copy and on the headline from the company’s Showcase Shopping landing page, as you can see below.

By clicking the headline at the 6, you will be taken .

It’s certainly an interesting blending of formats. Google there is no telling if this will go everywhere, and is experimentation, clearly.

We’ve learned this is is a really small test running in the U.S., so the likelihood you’ll see it today is reduced. Whether the test expands or not will depend on feedback and performance.


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