Google Search Drops Tweet Carousels After Twitter Incident

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Google has eliminated the notable Twitter carousel of tweets in the Google search result pages yesterday, after prominent Twitter accounts were hacked. You can read about it on Techmeme, In case you missed the Twitter hack news. However, this news led eliminating Twitter carousel boxes entirely.

The Twitter lookup carousel box is not just gone for those accounts which were hacked but also gone to get almost any Twitter account. Google has confirmed to have dropped in the search results.

Search Engine Land has asked Google if we will see the Twitter carousel yield and if this movement is temporary. A Google spokesperson told us”we can affirm we have temporarily removed the Twitter carousel from Hunt following Twitter’s security issues. Before restoring the feature we will conduct a careful inspection.”

Before and after screen shots. The Twitter carousel box comes up when searching for character name or any not so notable, or notable, brand name on Google search.

Google and Twitter. Google first additional tweets about five years ago. However, Google had integration deals with Twitter before this in 2011 and sooner.

Actually, marketers and SEOs used these Twitter carousels as a procedure to dominate the search results. It’s possible to see a lot examples of Twitter carousels from the Google search results there.

Will this last? Can Google remove the Twitter results from Google Search? We did email Google for clarification although I doubt it. It will make sense for Google to remove it, at least temporarily, as if we can trust we now must work out.

Google has upgraded us and told us”we can confirm we’ve temporarily removed the Twitter carousel from Search following Twitter’s safety problems. Before restoring the attribute we will carry out a careful review.”

We care. If you are using Twitter as a Google search plan, that may have to go on hold until we ascertain exactly what Google’s next steps are with Twitter.

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