Google reviews remerge from quarantine

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Google shut down the book of new reviews and Q&A a few weeks back as part of its coronavirus answer and reduced support. However, the business appears to have just re-started publication of reviews and review replies.

Google announces review return. On this page Google says:”Review answers are now offered. New user testimonials, new user photographs, new short names, and Q&A will return by country and business category.”

Mike Blumenthal first discovered this earlier this day. I managed to affirm it and publish a review for a restaurant in my region.

Between the review and its submission’s creation, I was presented with this screen warning me that my review might be delayed. But upon clicking”see your reviews” I managed to find the new review.

Warning but no delay. Although it states,”New user testimonials… will gradually return by country and business category,” there wasn’t any delay in book for me. Adam Dorfman of verified that he is seeing the return of new reviews as well. He said he wasn’t seeing all the”quarantined” testimonials yet but that a few were definitely being published.

Formerly, there was debate among neighborhood SEOs about whether to keep on soliciting reviews on Google during this time. Some advised to keep going while others stated to focus on other things or programs.

Why we care. Google is now arguably the most important neighborhood review platform, though it’s far from the only one which matters. Testimonials and replies signals that Google My Business functionality might be returning to normal performance. It will also mean that marketers once more will need to pay attention to testimonials on Google. The hiatus appears to be finished.

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