Google Confirms Fixing Issue With Indexing Comments

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Google’s Martin Splitt confirmed this week that Google has fixed a problem with rank and indexing a few content located within the Disqus commenting platform. It is not clear how many this issue affected sites, but Google said it is solved.

What is Disqus? Disqus is a commenting platform which permits blogs and publishers to add comments to their own web sites. Disqus is a platform used to handle, preserve and moderate remarks Though user-generated opinions are no longer allowed by a lot of websites on their sites.

The issue. It isn’t precisely clear how long Google had issues communicating Disqus comments. When Disqus launched, I understand blog platforms which wanted their opinions needed to use workarounds to have them indexed. However, as Google became better at rendering JavaScript, it started to indicator Disqus remarks. But not all.

Glenn Gabe wrote a detailed blog post past December recording the problems Google has with indexing some comments powered by Disqus.

Google fixed the matter. Last week, Gary Illyes from Google took note of this issue via a tweet and passed it with his colleague Martin Splitt. The matter was seen by splitt and escalated it . Splitt said on Twitter on June 18th,”This looks like a glitch on our end. Keep an eye on the next couple of days, it must eventually, possibly, work.”

A couple of days afterwards, on June 20th, Splitt said it is currently working and,”It has been solved for everybody.”

Why we care. If you or your customers use Disqus, you should keep your eye on your rankings and indexing routines. You can observe ranking changes after Google starts indexing them in either a positive or negative manner if the content in those Disqus remarks were previously not indexed. You also might want to adjust how those remarks are exhibited based on what you see.

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