Google Again Testing Ads On Local Business Profiles

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Ads are being tested by google again in small business profiles. The company did something similar in 2017 and again last year. Tim Capper was the very first to observe this current evaluation, in pubs and a lot of other categories.

No opt-out. I confirmed that companies cannot opt-out or choose the advertisers that appear on their regional profiles. The ads can look either on mobile and desktop.

The ads so far appear to be linked to the businesses. Food ordering is for the restaurant itself — although Capper points outside the ad possibly redirects an arrangement that might otherwise go directly into the restaurant.

Groupon ads (below) take you to a webpage offering a bargain for that company, which some businesses won’t like because the searcher might be someone who would buy without the incentive.

Third party ads on business profiles. Source: Tim Capper

When asked for comment, a Google spokesperson said,”This is currently a small pilot program. We’re constantly working on new ways to enhance the experience for users and merchants.”

A’whitelist’ pilot program. I inquired if this was a part of Neighborhood Campaigns, which some of the earlier evaluations were. This differs, according to Google. It applies to a little set of advertisers — Seamless, Groupon and Caviar are.

With restaurants and third-party delivery services particularly, Google states that it won’t permit ads that misrepresent a shipping connection when there is not one. The company previously declared it’s giving restaurants greater control on which delivery solutions are connected with local profiles and the ability to recognize a favorite food-delivery provider. Providers could be taken out from profiles. Google reported that restaurants will be reached by the capability for restaurants to customize online preferences .

Why we care. Google is testing new demonstrations of ads. And, it has been seeking ways to monetize local for some time.

In April 2019, Google fielded a questionnaire requesting local businesses about hypothetical Google My Business features and resources. Among the proposed items was”remove ads from your organization profile.” This is one of the listed benefits of having a Yelp”enhanced profile.” In addition to revenue generated from clicks, Google may be contemplating something down the road.

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