Facebook Advertising Tips for Chiropractors

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So you have set up a Facebook company page for your clinic and roped in a few brand new followers here and there. Unfortunately you’re not visiting any new company from it. What the heck?
Making a Facebook page and ignoring all of the other aspects of internet marketing simply isn’t an effective promotional plan. Turn it into a lead generation platform and to fully leverage the reach of Facebook, you’ll need consistent work and a plan. Luckily for you, we got them to give us a glimpse behind the curtain and talked with several of the Facebook marketers today.
I’d like to offer a shoutout to one of our subscribers who went beyond the call of duty when putting together their lists of helpful Facebook advertising tips.
The hat tip goes to Burton Kelso of Integral. He put together a list of helpful hints which I am certain that you’ll love. In reality, the first six items in the aforementioned list of hints include Burton. Thank you Burton!

1. Share Your Unique Yet Memorable Story

“People do business with others who they know like and trust. This is especially true for Chiropractors. You can tout being the very best Chiropractor, however if people do not know you or trust you, then they are not likely to conduct business. Tell your story and you need to share who you are, what your organization identity is if you want people to feel at ease with you. Where did you go on holiday? How can you celebrate your birthday? When are the anniversaries and birthdays of your workers? All these are the things people want to know.”
B. Kelso of Integral

2. Social Media Should Be an Experience, So Don’t Just Sell a Product or Service

“When you market on social networking, you are on a way way ticket to social networking hell. Those algorithms on each one the social networking channels shut you down and will search your revenue articles out. Truth be told, no one cares about you or your organization. People care about the problems they confront. Be someone who’s going to address those problems. Share tips that will keep people stay in alignment. Health and health tips are almost always great and be sure to share those success stories of individuals who have experienced chiropractic care and are living better lives.”
B. Kelso of Integral

3. Learn How to Post Efficiently

“Posting at the ideal time is obviously important. The best time to post on each one of the social media platforms is right after lunch and in the early evenings. It’s when we cling to our phones and tablets.”
B. Kelso of Integral

4. Live in 3, 2, 1…

“If you have not completed a live streaming video for your enterprise, you’re passing up a major chunk of social media. Did you know if you go live on any one of the networking channels, you articles reach up to as many as 5x more people. Each one the platforms love videos and the more you do, the further your reach. What if your office that is chiropractic perform? Kinds of all vidoes are’getting to know you videos’, sharing hints and other information’ and’Live event videos’. The best thing about live videos is that they can be stored and later uploaded to YouTube… allowing you to get your on Chiropractic YouTube Channel.”
B. Kelso of Integral

5. Make Sure Your Branding Is Consistent

“Update all your pages with professional headshot photographs and make a banner which will be displayed on each one of your pages. Your banner should say how to assist people and what your business does. Banners are important because people only stay on business pages for 6 seconds. You need something attention. Have a limited budget for producing graphics? Use banner ads to be designed by Canva. Canva is free and is a fantastic tool to use to create banners and graphics for your social media posts.”
B. Kelso of Integral

6. Don’t Let Social Media Consume You

“With all these platforms on the market, it may been challenging to keep up with the pages for your chiropractic enterprise. One post a day on all your channels is a great way to begin. Attempt to post to get exposure. Furthermore, if you struggle posting on multiple platforms, focus on using Instagram and Facebook. Facebook possesses Instagram and Instagram allows you to share your Instagram posts on Facebook… allowing you to kill two birds with one stone.”
B. Kelso of Integral

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