Digital whiteboards are helping consultants brainstorm online —

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When lockdowns forced consultants the world over to work from home, one of the first questions that they had to confront was how they would replicate the on-site client experience so central to their work. More specifically, they had to find a suitable stand-in for their whiteboards.

Consultants are widely known for their love of whiteboards—or iterations thereof, including large paper pads, sticky notes, and so forth—to record ideas from client brainstorms. The sudden need to replicate the process online has increased the popularity of collaborative, digital whiteboards. But it’s also led to other creative in-house solutions.

Since the start of the pandemic, the two biggest players in the digital visual-collaboration space, Miro and Mural, have both seen a surge in users, with Mural alone saying it has added 1 million monthly active users globally this year. This uptick helped the companies secure $50 million and $188 million in Series B funding respectively. (In case you’re wondering which is better, reviews from consultants comparing the two are plentiful.)

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