Crafting the best Elevator Pitch for Your Tech Company

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Everyone needs to listen to the sweet and short version of that you are, what you do and how you can help them. Perfecting an elevator pitch which expresses just what you’re capable of and speaks into your core audience is essential. Attention spans are decreasing and our need to network quickly is getting more significant.

We heard back from dozens of specialists from the technology sector and related fields like HSC.TV and several more. The five sections below offer some unique insight into assisting you to craft your own elevator pitch that simply works.

1. Focus on Client Needs

How can you distinguish yourself from the competition?
“By pursuing a constant focus on the client and their needs within specific sectors, manufacturing and retail, for instance.”

Elevator Pitch
“Retail organizations today are handling an increasing number of electronic threats. In reality, cyber-crime damage costs are anticipated to reach $6 billion yearly by 2021. Have you as a retailer researched all possibilities to keep your company and your customers’ data secure?

With leadership QIR and QISSP certified and also an active member of the PCI Security Standards Council, EMazzanti Technologies knows what is needed to keep your company safe. We’ll get you EMV incorporated, keep you PCI DSS compliant, and make sure your system is monitored and secure every second of the day.”

C. Mazzanti of eMazzanti Technologies

2. Instantly & Clearly Demo Value

“Making the perfect elevator pitch for your business is all about fast and clearly demonstrating your value to your viewers. Rather, discuss how your product or business could produce real positive change for your clients.

Below are examples of 2 of our lifts pitches. The first is short, easy, and explains the benefits of utilizing our platform without being too explicit about what the product is.

The second describes a bit about the merchandise and then illustrates its worth.

Whetstone Education: Whetstone helps get instructors better, faster.
Whetstone is an instructional coaching software platform which schools leverage to identify teachers’ professional growth needs. This subsequently provides feedback and coaching to help improve their personal training.
If your pitch is longer than 1-2 sentences, people may lose interest or misunderstand your product.

L. Fischer of Whetstone Education

3. Promote Your Solution Not Yourself

The ideal alternative? Explain what the person gets. Not what you’re doing. Again, not saying exactly what you’re doing. And use easy words that someone new to your field would know.

My example of what we DO: We compose Alexa skills and Google Actions for bloggers so they can make their sites offered in audio format on smart speakers — this is confusing to people who aren’t familiar with programming in the intelligent speaker universe.

Our elevator address of what they get (that keeps getting simpler): We flip your written blog posts into audio and put them on the new platform of speakers like Google Home and Alexa.

Then the secondary pitch, because smart speakers are comparatively new: We write a voice app that carries your written blog article, fixes it up, and provides it to some smart speaker to read aloud to anybody who asks for your site.”

4. Sell Your Fire

“The first tip is to be yourself always and not to try to fully mimic anybody else or your pitch won’t come off as genuine.

You are selling your own passion. Without that, nobody will think you can accomplish this.

Even though you can be competing against several large businesses, if you show that you are confident and that you believe you can be in their level, investors will believe in you.

Below is my pitch for illustration…

My company is Chango. We are providers of a personal finance solution with financial literacy. This matters to me as I’ve been in debt and also know people who have. I would like to help people avoid that problem. We supply a solution which is suitable for you in a non-biased way. Providing you an easy way to keep on top of your finances, and financial schooling our guides are indended to be simple, interactive and enlightening.”

A. Junco of Chango

5. Keep Your Target Audience In Mind

“It’s a great question because a lot of tech companies cannot escape the mindset that they are building some indescribable tool or technology. That’s not a means to sell!

I am Arthur Germain, Principal & Chief Brandteller at Communication Strategy Group, a brand storytelling service that works with technology solution providers and other companies to help them share new stories to get in touch with prospects and clients.

At Communication Strategy Group we recommend starting with a central core statement which explains your goal, then build from there with additional description. Too often we see tech firms do this the other way round –‘We construct gigabit Ethernet wifi switches’ instead of’we connect new offices so that your team can concentrate on your retail customers.’ We recommend keeping your target audience in mind and incorporating them into your own statements.

For example, our customer Island tech Services (ITC) wanted to describe what they did and who they functioned as they enlarged their geography. At their core, ITS offers first responders with the critical tools and technologies they need to keep the communities they serve safe. We spoke with ITS about not getting into the weeds with all the kinds of technologies, but rather, keeping it self explanatory and focused on three regions — at the workplace, in the field and in mobile command vehicles.
Island Tech Services (ITS) delivers innovative technology, mobility and vehicle options to business professionals, first responders and public sector workers. We help customers incorporate technology in their job to increase performance, efficiency and security. We provide an integrated set of technologies and services crossing from headquarters, into field techs, to control vehicles. We provide peace of mind so you’re able to provide peace and security.

And here is exactly what we developed within an elevator pitch:

Island Tech Services (ITS) incorporates technology solutions from headquarters, into field techs, to command vehicles to boost functionality, efficiency and security.

This was a winning new storytelling strategy — ITS this week announced it had expanded to achieve more regions by opening additional sales offices and vehicle centers using exactly the same targeted material “

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