Content Marketing Tips for Law Firms

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Content promotion is a proven strategy for developing business leads across all businesses. However, insufficient lawyers are taking advantage of the approach to boost exercise visibility and create a steady stream of cases.

Content advertising provides you with a special opportunity — a way to overcome the confusing”legalese” and speak to your viewers in a manner they can understand and relate to. How can you do so? We came up with the below secrets and baker’s dozen tips to supercharge your content advertising efforts and spoke with dozens of legal marketing and advertising experts from companies such as Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda PLLC.

1. Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets

“Optimizing your firm’s blog posts and pages for Google’s Featured Snippets is an effective approach to increase visibility in Google search results. Why wouldn’t you want to be the go-to response for someone’s question on Google? Snippets are featured for user intent, which attorneys ought to be seeking to address and answer.

Just write your blog article, return, synthesize the information into 2-3 center bullet points, and place it at the top of your post. Doing so is an excellent way for law firms to increase click-through rate (CTR) and traffic.”

O. Cook of BlockchainSEO

2. Make sure you Leverage LinkedIn

“The number one place that you want to control ASAP in 2019 is LinkedIn — the user base is exactly what you’re looking for, and LinkedIn’s organic reach is still quite attractive relative to additional programs, and you need to take advantage of that.

Begin by taking a video of yourself addressing the most common client questions and truths in your niche.

Strip the audio from the video so it’s possible to post it as a podcast (providing you an additional channel with no additional effort), and distribute the video and podcast to all of your social channels.

The video is the’macro’ content, along with your very best customer participation and outcomes will be from chopping that video up into bits for’micro’ content, and this is what you will post to your social networking channels at least every day, but ideally 3times per day.

Additionally, document what you do daily in video and pictures, and chop these up into more micro content. People who’d consider hiring you need to view”behind the scenes” and have to know who you really are. Be your true self, and as Gary Vaynerchuk says,’record, do not produce.'”

D. Beverage of Dev Bev Co.

3. Outlandish Client Questions Make Great advertising Content

“Our tip is we add the dumbest questions we get asked to our FAQs. When a client says or does something mindboggling, it moves in the FAQ. These are the questions people Google but often hesitate to inquire in person. All of the common questions are addressed on competing sites. Not so many answer the question’how will my divorce affect if I stalk my wife’ or’does installing spyware on my spouse phone look ‘ Among our previous blog articles that did well and got us a few customers dealt with that which constitutes harassment of a public servant, like defecating in a police car or intentionally urinating.

‘Put that at the FAQ’ is the way attorneys in our company acknowledge spectacularly horrible behavior by our clients, but it’s been a solid natural marketing hack.”

J. Hoelscher of Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda PLLC

4. Geo-Targeted Content Provides For Quicker Search Engine Traction

In regards to content marketing, there are several best practices that law firms are able to use to get more prospects for their practice.

Content advertising has the dual goal of attracting traffic from Google and Bing while also being the key content that drives social media.

So as to attract the perfect customer using content, it’s crucial that you understand what they are looking for online. As most law firms operate within a region, it is important to write articles that can rank locally than nationally.

This one strategy is where many law firms fail in their content marketing. Instead of placing a local or statewide focus, they compose to rank for terms that their domain name is not strong enough to position on the first page for.

It is better to embrace a content plan that begins with the conditions that customers are looking for in your general area first, then expand to national and state terms following your site’s authority has been established.”

D. Gafford of Fusion Creative

5. Keyword Research In Reverse

“Reverse engineer your keyword phrases. Proceed business pages and find out more about the terminology that both happy and upset customers utilize to review firms practices. Use their language that will assist you communicate your offerings in a way that your customers understand and relate to. It’s fool-proof, the research is free and it’s a strategy your company can implement immediately.”

L. Ramas of Relezant

6. Cater To Your Niche

“One of my main tips for law firms is to examine your market. If you’re a firm that specializes in law, social security, or a different region in Facebook would be the ideal platform. OVI’s if you’re a company that specializes in DUI’s, and areas where you find a younger market, a platform such as Instagram can extend your reach. Since the general public does not tend to voluntarily follow a law firm on interpersonal media, it’s best to use at least a few paid tactics like boosted Facebook articles and sponsored Instagram articles to obtain a following while also supplementing with posts that are organic.”

K. Anchulis of Tittle & Perlmuter

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