Brands (restaurants in particular) need FAQs and ‘coronapages’ fast

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From Chipotle boosting delivery, yesterday I received an email, amongst others. This prompted the kind of behaviour they probably hoped for — an arrangement. However, it also sparked a debate whether it was safe to purchase takeout/delivery from restaurants and chains.

Is it safe to order from… To try and settle the dispute, I went online to find out more about any precautions being shot at Chipotle. Finding no information, I ran a variant of this query,”Is it secure to purchase from __?” For a selection of national restaurant chains. While there was lots of debate about just how healthy it was to eat , say Taco Bell, for my surprise none of those restaurants had COVID-19 pages that showed up on page one in Google outcomes.

This is essential for restaurants doing takeout. What measures have been taken to ensure worker health and food safety? Individuals are going to want to understand.

Is it safe to order food from…

If those pages did exist, they were not being indexed. This is mystifying — or not. A deluge of corporate mails has sought to reassure the general public over the previous several days (“An important message from our CEO”) that firms care. Consumers ‘ve also encouraged to continue doing business with them where possible: e-commerce, food delivery and so forth.

Do not neglect search. Some restaurant-chain emails have indicated food security problems have been addressed. However, a fraction of the customers is receiving those mails. It’s critical that precautions being taken will be discoverable in search results.

It is possible that the brand new coronaschema — virus schema in case you prefer — might finally help restaurants convey this information to search engines. Indeed, this kind of content is ideal for a featured snippet (i.e., quick answer). Before submitting the order, most people simply need safety assurances.

Separately, Google has educated retailers and local retailers to modify their hours and descriptions, in addition to use Posts to communicate updates. However, every consumer-facing business needs a COVID FAQs page which addresses common questions the people might be inquiring about their products or services.

During this time of recession and disruption it is essential for companies big and small to communicate clearly and effectively with their customers, to maintain revenue. Email is an important channel but it’s just one.

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