Black Women Who Are Business and Marketing Experts

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Small businesses ran by Black women are on the rise and many of those businesses exist to help other businesses thrive and successfully reach their ideal customer.

The Black women founders in business and marketing listed below can help you get a job, build a business, or help your business become more profitable.

Celebrate Female Founders Month by minding your business!

Danielle Desir

Black Women Founders in Business and Marketing
Founder of WOC Podcasters

WOC Podcasters is an international community of women of color who podcast. Our mission is to connect women of color podcasters together and empower them with the tools and resources they need to become successful and influential podcasters.

WOC Podcasters has over 1,500 Facebook members from 37 countries. The WOC Podcasters community publishes content aimed at the growth and representation of women of color in the podcasting industry.

This is the first community of its kind by and for women of color.

Noelle Johnson

Black Women Founders in Business and Marketing
Founder of My Interview Buddy

My Interview Buddy is an online platform to help people get better at interviewing for major jobs.

We do resume reviews and online coaching that goes beyond feedback on mock interviews, we address clients professional goals and dreams to assist them in choosing the right jobs to interview for.

It’s our mission to make interviews better on both sides of the table so we also work with businesses on their hiring and interview needs.

We have been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Glassdoor and more with our interview and resume tips.

Cassandra D. Freeman

Black Women Founders in Business and Marketing
Founder of Thoughtful Inspirations

Thoughtful Inspirations and I help women leaders build their dreams and achieve their life and business goals.

I educate them on how to make their dreams happen step by step.

Krysta Monet

Black Women Founders in Business and Marketing
Founder of Nine and North, LLC.

Nine and North is a public relations agency representing pro athletes and industry CEOs.

Nicole Roberts Jones

Black Women Founders in Business and Marketing
Founder of FIERCE Factor Lab

The FIERCE Factor Lab is a premier training and talent development company dedicated to helping you align your purpose with your paycheck.

This is done via both programming for entrepreneurs and corporations. FIERCE Factor Lab works with entrepreneurs to build programming that generates multiple revenue streams and a greater bandwidth to serve their clients.

Founded by Purpose to Paycheck Expert and Best-Selling Author Nicole Roberts Jones, in FIERCE Factor Lab Nicole created a company that mirrors all that she stands for as a purpose to paycheck authority, talent development consultant and coach.

Truth, momentum and power is charged into each business she touches, with a long-term focus and an emphasis on expanding income and impact.

Tierra Kavanaugh Wayne

Black Women Founders in Business and Marketing
Founder of TKT & Associates, Inc.

In 2006, Tierra founded TKT & Associates, Inc., which has become a leader in both supplier and workplace diversity management and professional staffing for the public and private sectors.

In June 2012, Tierra launched TKT-nectir Global Staffing, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of TKT & Associates, Inc., a full service staffing agency servicing multiple industries including manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, government, financial services, and utilities.

Tierra is currently a member of the Executive Committee of Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI) and the Chair of GLI’s Public Policy Committee. She serves on the board of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce (Kentucky Chamber) as an Executive Committee member and is the Vice Chair of Public Affairs. Additionally, she serves as an Executive Committee board member of Leadership KY.

Orleatha Smith

Founder of InclusivePay

InclusivePay provides high-touch merchant processing solutions for the Hemp, CBD, and Cannabis industry.

Dana S. Hewling

Founder of B.ID, LLC.

“Why be good when you can be Remarkable?”

B.ID is your dedicated branding & design solutions agency. We take your business goals to heart. We are committed to helping you be remarkable, and accordingly, we utilize our expertise in branding strategy, target analysis, and creative designs to help you achieve those goals.

As our client, we can take you from logo to established branding strategy through website design and development, collateral design and production, and marketing strategy.

B.ID, LLC. owner and creative director, Dana Hewling, like the island she calls home, is a blend of drive, creativity, passion, and determination that when combined just right can be unstoppable.

Raised in Jamaica, she has always had strong artistic abilities and a love for all things creative.

Natasha Gillyard

Sensuality & Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs

Natasha Gillyard is a sensuality + mindset coach.

She helps ambitious, overwhelmed entrepreneurs stop living from the neck up and get back into their body, so they can be the confident, sexy, empowered AF version of themselves in their business.

By shifting old beliefs/stories and infusing sensuality in their business with easy embodiment practices, her clients pleasure their way through business and enjoy their results instead of running their business from overwhelm, anxiety, and worry, and being exhausted after they sign clients and make money.

Be inspired to embody your value, reclaim your sensuality, and say goodbye to your dis-empowered “good girl” who thrives on outside validation.

Leslie Short

Founder of The Cavu Group

The Cavu Group helps companies and organizations expand beyond their current culture by looking through the diversity and inclusion lens.

We do this by interactive trainings, workshops and speaking engagements. We also assure the conversation doesn’t stop at race and gender but also includes disabilities and LGBT/trans and how everyone has a place in the workplace.

That means it’s necessary to look at your current culture and see how it can grow and improve to assure inclusion is leading diversity.

Marli Crowe

Founder of Crowe Career Services

At Crowe Career Services I specialize in resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, and career coaching. I am passionate about helping millennials, POC, and people from all walks of life succeed in their career and love what they do.

Carla Williams Johnson

Founder of Carli Communications

Carli Communications offers advertising and marketing advice to entrepreneurs and business owners who are interested in building a business in the ‘real world’.

I consider myself an advocate for business men and women who were desirous of promoting themselves by offering sound, unbiased advice, focusing mainly on methods to identify ideal clients, online and offline approaches to boosting visibility and the creation of practical marketing campaigns designed to increase revenue.

Keli Hammond

Founder of B Classic

Hammond founded her own marketing and communications firm in Washington, DC called B Classic.

B Classic helps entrepreneurs, corporations, non-profits, and government agencies better educate, entice, inspire, and engage their target consumers.

A sought-after speaker, trainer and writer, Hammond regularly teaches groups of business owners, students, and women about personal branding, marketing, and social media.

Hammond also just published a marketing book entitled Craved: The Secret Sauce to Building a Highly-Successful, Standout Brand.

Angela Majette

Founder of

While helping my son establish his business, we frequently talked about the lack of a central location for young, Black entrepreneurs to get advice from seasoned business owners and professionals, sell and promote products and services, find partners, freelance professionals, events, and other resources, and connect with like-minded people.

I developed to fill the void left by other social media platforms. Black Connect is a business and social network that harmoniously merges 17 features and elements found within various websites and social media platforms, making it seamless for Black business owners, professionals, and consumers to connect and collaborate in a professional but relaxed space and discuss topics related to people of color without fear of being harassed or banned from the network.

Black Connect currently has members located throughout the United States, Caribbean, Africa, and the United Kingdom. The Black Connect mobile app is available for Android and IOS devices.

Briana Marie

Founder of Tanzek Media

Briana has been a writing enthusiast since the age of 5, and spent quite a bit of time developing her writing skills and studying literature. While pursuing her undergraduate degree in 2010, she decided to launch a fashion and entertainment blog with her older sister. This would mark the beginning of her love for blogging.

Through her experiences with blogging and content creation, she has acquired quite a bit of knowledge about the wonderful field of content marketing, and social media management. She enjoys sharing that knowledge with others, and helping small to medium-sized businesses meet their quarterly goals through digital marketing.

Briana currently produces content for several sites including: Metro Detroit Mommy,Unique Gifter, The Blue Optimist, Major League Mommy, and Posh Kids Magazine.

Isa D. Watson

Founder of Squad

Isa earned an MBA from MIT, a MS in Pharmacology from Cornell University and a BS in Chemistry from Hampton University.

Over a 2-year period and 150+ meetings in Silicon Valley, Isa raised 3 million dollars in funding to launch Squad, an app which connects millennials with like minded peers via private, curated events and members are willing to pay for it.

There are currently 1,000+ applicants on the wait list in New York City, alone!

Genera Moore

Founder of Motorparts Nation

Motorparts Nation is a US based company that focuses on exporting auto parts into West Africa. The founder Genera Moore launched Motorparts Nation to sell auto parts for the West African market.

Motorparts Nation has made purchasing aftermarket auto parts accessible and affordable for wholesalers. Motorparts Nation has also started a retirement plan for mechanics in Ghana via a global Bancassurance insurance company.

The majority of Genera’s past experience conducting business internationally was working in Dubai as a live events manager for the Dubai government to promote tourism for the city.

Genera was involved in organizing events for the royal family, booking celebrities for the Dubai world cup closing concerts (the largest social event in Dubai), Abu Dhabi grand prix celebrity appearances, Cirque Du Soleil live shows and concerts for various celebrities in Dubai.

Genera has also brokered franchise deals luxury brands such as Lexani luxury motorcars, Lxr&co, for American brands for middle eastern investors.

Rakeyia Collins

Founder of Formulas and Me

Formulas and Me is a free website that is designed for business professionals and students that use Microsoft Excel.

F&M allows users to type in a question related to any Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets formula and the website will provide the appropriate formula.

For instance, a user can type in: “How do I add these numbers based on a specific criteria?” The website would show the “Sumif” formula as the answer and begin to walk the user through the process of using the formula.

We can now kiss those Google searches goodbye!

Jovian Zayne

Founder of the OnPurpose Movement

Jovian Zayne is an international speaker and certified leadership and professional development coach with over a decade of experience in change management, global diversity leadership development, and organizational transition planning and design.

She leads the OnPurpose Movement, a firm committed to helping organizations and individuals to “live and work on purpose,” through targeted coaching, public speaking and facilitation experiences.

Jovian is a recognized Thought Leader in the professional development and diversity-training field, and has a client list across sectors that includes: Google, Goldman Sachs, The New York Times, Columbia University, Harvard University, The Clinton Foundation, The Aspen Institute, Janelle Monáe’s Wondaland Records, and Teach For America.

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