7 Twitter Marketing Experts Share Tips for Lawyers

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Twitter makes it easy to contact other attorneys throughout the nation when building your firm’s social footprint at precisely the same time. Keep up to date with industry relevant news and connect on a single platform. Sounds great right?

It’s — if you’ve got a strategy set up to leverage the incredible reach of Twitter and choose your firm to the next level. We achieved to some of the top Twitter advertising specialists and have agreed to talk about what will get the job done for you and works for them. Tweet away…

1. Use Twitter Search for Q&A Opportunities
“If you are a Lawyer and you want to get the maximum from Twitter, the best piece of advice would be to be active on the platform. You can do this several ways. For instance, utilize search.twitter.com to find those who have questions and answer back to them with helpful answers or links to posts that help address the problem that they may be having.

Another way to leverage Twitter is to partner up with other attorney’s and host your ‘Tweetchat’ where you give advice on a specific topic. This may be a great way to showcase your awareness to prospective clients that are looking to employ a lawyer.”

By Christian Karasiewicz of Social Chefs

2. Twitter Covers Both B2B and B2C Audiences
“While LinkedIn is widely considered to be a B2B marketing platform and Facebook more of a B2C, Twitter straddles both realms. Attorneys should work on building influence and their following . The practice overall can focus on a longer-term branding plan, such as referral marketing. It’s not likely that someone will utilize Twitter to obtain an attorney in a crisis situation, say a car crash, serious injury or criminal case, but it might be possible to acquire new customers for additional practice areas such as family law or mass torts, which involve a longer period of research and data gathering. If you work to construct a solid Twitter presence, you increase the odds that, when and if somebody does need a lawyer, you’ll be the first one that they think of.”

From Daniel Brophy of Page 1 Solutions, LLC

3. Play Up The Personal component of Twitter Engagement
“Attorneys should approach Twitter in a way that humanizes the company, participates their local or online communities and builds an audience. Sure, law firms can utilize Twitter to market solutions and their brand, but the return on their time will be minimal. Twitter followers want to contact actual human beings who share their interests.

If you work with other entrepreneurs, then tweet about entrepreneurship. If you want to engage with bikers, then find communities of bikers onthe platform. Bonus points go to lawyers that use a headshot instead of a logo for your profile pic.”

From Tyler Roberts of NOMOS Marketing

4. Reach Out to Media Pros
“Anytime we feel that we’ve newsworthy information we wish to get out to the masses we associate with news anchors and journalist via Twitter. The huge majority of news is dispersed through Twitter and most journalist do a good job of participating on the platform. Simply, this could consist of direct or references messages depending on the relationship with the journalist and the story.We have received solid media coverage with our network initiatives and study articles by reaching out to media experts on Twitter.”

By Michelle Ngome of Sutliff & Stout, PLLC

5. A Little Pleasure Never Hurt Anyone
“BE FUN on Twitter! One of my customers uses GIFs to shake her social shares up to articles and rather dull blog posts. If we are sharing a resource about the FEC’s interactions with federal contractors, we usually throw out of, I really don’t understand, say Scrooge McDuck counting his coins. I also encourage tweeters that are lawful to engage with accounts that are legal. Attorneys like to talk, so why not do it in the Twittersphere as well!”

From Charlie Heck of Checkmark Creative

6. Proper Twitter Targeting can be quite strong
“Twitter may be a remarkably powerful platform for lawyers if they’re able to take a step back, place themselves into the mindset of their customers, and then cleverly utilize many of their paid advertising targeting options which Twitter has available. For instance, Twitter lets you target particular people’s followers. It may make sense to advertise to those who follow venture capitalists if you are an M&A lawyer. Another alternative Twitter has is the ability to Target based on key words. If you’re a personal injury lawyer it may make sense to target like’ Whiplash” car accident” rear ended’ based on things and more. There are a number of more paid advertising options available for Twitter than most people realize, and several of them are quite useful, but the greatest thing would be to guide your targeting as much compassion as possible for the customers.”

From Jeromy Sonne of FirmFuel

7. Friendly & Timely Engagement
“Engagement is essential! When you receive a new follower, talk with them a quick”Thank you” and encourage them to reach out to a organization with any legal questions they might have. Response to tweets mentioning your law firm. Retweet tweets . Just be authentic in any engagement, that is what users like to view ”

From Briana Marie of Tanzek Media

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