6 Tips for Small Businesses On Online Advertising

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If you’re a small business owner, you probably realize by now that if your small business doesn’t have a strategy for digital marketing, you’re already behind your competition.

We put together this list of 6 digital marketing ideas to help your business move in the right direction.

1. Leverage Social Media Channels

We are a small group of people who started with a local area classroom
training program. Seeing the necessity and the accessibility, we have
changed our training from the classroom to the online platform.

Ours is a small group of Project Management experts. There are two of us
who take care of sales and operations. We did not use any outside help for
updating our website or for doing online marketing.

Nowaday’s, we regularly hold free webinar sessions. We use these sessions
to build trust and sell our online training course. We promote our free
webinars extensively on social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn
which are suitable for our business.

Neeraj Arya  of PMExperto

2. Use Yelp and Leverage Customer Referrals

Create a Yelp listing for your business and choose the right
categories for your listing. This will help improve your local search
rankings. Advertising on Yelp will further boost your local reach. Make
sure to remove categories you don’t want to advertise on.

Develop a customer referral program. Offer existing customers a free
product, service, or some other reward for referring new customers.
Word-of-mouth is powerful, so people telling their friends and online
contacts about your business is incredibly valuable.

Greg Heilers of Jolly SEO

3. Spend Money on Advertising

My top tip for local businesses that are new to online marketing is to
spend some money advertising your business to local customers only. For
example, you could promote your business through Facebook, Instagram, or
Google Ads and specify that you only want to target users within a ten mile
radius of your physical location. This ensures that you won’t spend money
on users who are too far away to actually visit your business.
Additionally, you’ll want to research and craft a specific target
demographic then include this information in the audience targeting
settings for any given advertising platform.

Michael Anderson of GeoJango Maps

4. Start an Ad Campaign

Social Media sites make it very easy to start an ad campaign. Creating an ad on Facebook, for example, is simple. The prompts guide you step by step through the process, helping you select what type of traffic you are looking for, creating and saving target audience groups, and providing insights on what results to expect based on different demographic selections and price points. Twitter offers a similar easy to use guide to walk users through the process. Both sites offer real-time results and break down the data several ways to provide you with the information you need to make your next marketing decisions.

Sarah Franklin of Blue Tree AI


5. Use Paid Advertisements

Building a reputable online presence can be a painstakingly slow process,
but there are ways businesses can expedite the process. That said, companies
can utilize paid advertisements to help grow their online presence quicker.

Paid advertisements help attract the right audience to your brand. The
current features of various online advertising platforms allow users to
customize which audience demographic gets to see their ad. With this
set-up, it increases the chances of converting prospects into paying

Jeremy Owens of Seriously Smoked

6. Advertise on Facebook

I utilized Facebook ads first and would pay $1 per day because I didn’t
want to put any money into my business right now. I gained about 250
followers within 2 weeks of starting this campaign method and some views of
my store. However, I found that Instagram without ads has been the most
helpful to me. It is a slower process but is way more personal. You aren’t
gaining followers based on an ad but are gaining followers based on loyalty
and interaction (following, posting, and commenting) with others in the
same area of business or hobby.

Oliver of Voiceless Tarot

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