6 Experts On Using Google My Business For SMBs New to Online Marketing

google my business for SMBs
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Google’s 3-pack is an excellent opportunity for businesses looking to generate additional traffic to their business via local clients. An optimized Google My Business (or GMB) profile can generate a lot of extra business for a local company.

We asked for input from dozens of marketing experts to get their input on how to setup and use this Google feature. The 6 quotes provided below were the best tips we received.

1. Set up a Google My Business Page

“Many business owners who don’t have a tech or SEO background don’t realize
that the knowledge graph that pops up in Google search for a specific local
business is generated from Google My Business (GMB) data. If you don’t set
up a GMB page, your business won’t pop up with all of that information for
searchers to see.

The great part about GMB is that it’s free and takes 30 minutes or so to
set up. They send you a physical mail to confirm your business location,
and once you do so you’ll start generating tons of impressions at no cost!”

Calloway Cook of Illuminate Labs

2. A picture is worth more than a 1,000 keywords

“In the Instagram era, it is unacceptable that a business does not have a
picture on its Google My Business profile. Or worse, there are pictures
that other people have uploaded or poor quality photos.

You can rank highest for the searched keyword, but if your Hair Salon
displays a picture of a health food store that used to be in the same
place, it will deter a lot of potential customers and that money you’ve
invested in improving the search results is poured down the drain.

The big mistake small businesses make is that they maintain their Instagram
profile properly, but they neglect Google My Business. Not many people will
be willing to look for the same business on Instagram, so try to run both
profiles in parallel, or at least insert the most representative photos on
your Google account.

Don’t forget to upload pictures of satisfied customers to build social
proof and gain trust of potential customers. Forget about blurry photos and
poor lighting, now even mid-range smartphones have good cameras, and with a
little editing the images can look very high quality. If you don’t really
know how to take photos – pay someone, it will pay off!”

Alex Pesic of InvoiceQuick

3. Setting up Google My Business

“For a local business new to online marketing, the first order of business
is setting up Google My Business. Google My Business gives potential
clients an overview of your business at a glance–location, map directions
and how to contact your business. It is a simple process that includes
signing up to Google My Business and listing your business by filling in
all the pertinent information.”

Reuben Yonatan of Fresh Meadows

4. Create A Google My Business Account

“I have been running all of our marketing since we opened 4 years ago and here is my number one tip: Create a Google My Business account and make sure all the information is up to date. This will lead to greater exposure and leads from Google Maps and Google search. Google My Business should be at the heart of any local business’s marketing strategy.”

Matthew of MaxTour

5. Get Verified For A Google My Business Account

“My #1 tip for small businesses, especially local Mom & Pop shops is to get verified for a Google My Business account. You can just Google Google My Business to get started or visit this link: https://www.google.com/business/ and they will request your business address to send a postcard with a verification code on it.

Once you verify that you own the address for your business, you can then fill out all kinds of information about your business including descriptions of your products and services. Using the keywords you think your visitors are most searching will give you a huge leg up on your competition and you have a lot more opportunity to show up in the search results when people are searching for your business.

Once you are verified, you could have the entire profile complete in less than 1 hour. I highly recommend all local businesses do these so they are actually showing up in Google Maps when people are searching or walking by their stores!”

Brad of Leveling Up Your Game

6. Claim And Optimize My Google My Business Listing

“I began my online marketing journey a couple of years ago and there are a number of things I wish I’d known prior. Easily the most impactful thing I’ve done is claim and optimize my Google My Business listing. It has been a game changer for our business and has resulted in over $200k in sales already this year. The other point I would emphasize is that our best results have come from long-term investment in SEO. I spent the first several months chasing social media leads and wasted time and resources on platforms that didn’t build a lasting presence for my brand.”

Zach Reece of Colony Roofers

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