4 Tips For Improving Local Business Websites vs Traditional Social Media Practices

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Some people prefer to focus on social media because it can be less of hassle than focusing on your website. This strategy works well for some, but in doing so you’re putting energy into building up an asset that you don’t fully control.

We reached out to ask the experts who focus more on their websites and less on their social media to ask for their best tips that local business owners could leverage. 4 of the best responses we received are below.

1. Maintain Great E-commerce Practices

“I think a great measure to take is to keep up great E-commerce practices. A great way to maintain revenue is by giving your
customers a great online shopping experience, and great E-commerce practices are key. Here are some great E-commerce practices and tips that the perfect ad software would adhere to.

Constantly be on the lookout for ways to make your site cleaner, faster, and easier to use. Simply changing your add-to-cart button color can increase your conversion a large amount, as can adding a guest checkout option. Make sure you’re keeping up with other websites when it comes to usability. You need to be careful, though. Sometimes what isn’t broken isn’t worth fixing. Make sure you test a new layout, color, or design before making a permanent change. Also, the tiniest technical issue can cripple your conversion rate, so you need to have trust your web development staff when making these changes.

5 most effective ways for improving conversions:

  • High quality images and /or video on your product pages
  • Competitive pricing
  • Well tested checkout process
  • Guest shipping option
  • Decrease loading time

Though it may seem low, 5% is a great conversion rate.

Bounce Rate is a great metric to use to track and gauge overall store conversion rate.”

Tyler Brooks of Jam Paper

2. Focus on Your Website vs Social Media

“I believe that traditional social media marketing like Facebook, Instagram
etc will not make much of a difference as it is too easy to set up. In
order to make an impact, I suggest going 1 step further to create a website
for your business. It sounds tough but it is really pretty achievable with
Wordpress (which is free). The perceived difficulty will turn off most
other competitors and give you the edge you need. FYI, we got our own
website up within 1 week with the help of Youtube tutorials.”

Albert Laster of Home Living Lab

3. Feature Your Phone Number Prominently On Your Website

“One of the biggest problems I see local businesses make in the digital
world is NOT having a clear click-to-call phone number or lead capture form
on every web page. People need a clear call to action and incentive to call
your business to book an appointment or hire you, so you must make it as
easy as possible. A quick trick to make the phone number on your website
click-to-call is by adding a link with this URL to every instance of your
phone number on your site: tel:+19996663333 and replace 999 with your area
code and 6663333 with the remainder of your phone number.”

Colin Little of Social Launch Marketing

4. Online Marketing for Newbies

“When it comes to marketing online, your main goal is usually to drive traffic to your website, whether that be through social media, SEO, or any other form of marketing. If you are new to the online world, one of the best things that I can suggest is to improve your SEO. While not specifically directed at social media, and more of a digital content-related strategy SEO can really help your website with visibility. SEO can become quite complex and difficult to understand, so if you are starting out, you might want to focus on the simpler aspects of it, like keyword positioning in blog posts. Basically, if you get your SEO right, Google will make your website more visible, as it will rank higher in relevance according to what people search. As I mentioned before, this can greatly improve relevant traffic to your website.”

Steve Deane of SteveDeane.com

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